How to use Perpetuals

Perpetual trading feature is currently available on ETH L1, Arbitrum & BnB.

To access the trading page, users can go to the dApp and click on the [PERP] button or directly go to

Below is a video tutorial of the trading interface of Kromatika DEX Perpetual Trading Portal. The trading interface is almost the same as to a regular CEX platform.

Price Chart

With the Kromatika candlestick price chart, users can view the historical pricing, or change the time interval to daily, weekly or monthly.

Trade Sidebar

Under the trade sidebar, you can choose your position mode, margin mode, types of order, and adjust the leverage up to 100X.

Order Book

The order book shows the current open orders. For both the bid side and ask side, it displays price, size and the sum available now.

Position Section

Under the position section, users can view their current positions, open orders, order history, trade history, transaction history and assets under Kromatika DEX Perpetual Trading Portal. Users can check your unrealized PnL (uPnL), estimated liquidation price, margin ratio, and other info for your current positions. Also, you can close your position right in this window using a market or limit order.

Margin Ratio Panel

The margin ratio panel shows the current margin ratio, maintenance margin and margin balance. Margin Ratio = Maintenance Margin / Margin Balance. Maintenance margin is the minimum amount of margin balance required to keep your open positions. The margin balance is equal to Wallet Balance plus Unrealized PNL. Your positions will be liquidated once Margin Ratio reaches 100%.

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