Maximum Service Fee

This is how the maximum service fee is calculated.

Maximum service fee

SFmax=BF×GF×PFSF_{max}=BF \times GF \times PF

Where: SF is a service fee BF is a base fee equal to 400,000 GF is the gas fee at a given moment PF is a protocol fee equivalent to the sum of the basic fee and the additional 5% fee (1+0.05)

*Note: The basic fee may significantly drop, possibly even in half.

Example: If current network gas price is 35 gwei, where gwei is,

gwei=109ETH\text{gwei}=10^{-9} \, \text{ETH}

Then the maximum service fee would be

SFmax=400000×35×1.05gwei=14700000gwei=0.0147ETH=1310KROMSF_{max}=400000\times 35\times1.05\, \text{gwei} \\ =14700000\,\text{gwei} \\ =0.0147\,\text{ETH} \\ =1310\,\text{KROM}

(Calculation was done on December 13, and the price of KROM was equal to 0.00001122 ETH)

As previously mentioned, this is the maximum service fee which means the user may be charged up to 50% less than that amount under certain conditions. This test was conducted on Optimism and the gas price was 0.5 gwei. That means the above number can be divided by 70 to get the service fee estimate. i.e. use 0.5 gwei instead of 35 gwei in the above equation.

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