Kromatika DAO Incentive Structure

Here you can find out more about the incentive structure for Kromatika core contributors

Time commitment:

  • Tier 1

    Join the core contributors < 1 months


  • Tier 2

    1 months < Join the core contributors < 3 months


  • Tier 3

    Join the core contributors > 3 months


Contribution level:

  • Low: You only help in one particular area. Ex, only write tweets, or manage the twitter account. This level does not take more than 1 - 1.5 hours of your day. 0.5

  • Medium: You are active throughout the day and help on several fronts. Ex: you answer twitter, discord, telegram, lead a non-english community, help with AMA, help with organizing FAQ. Write up content for a blog post. Maybe, talk to potential promoters, do some research on potential partners etc. This should maybe burn 3-4 hours of your day, either spread through-out the day, or maybe after work activity. 1

  • High: You try hard for the project. Ex. you are coding the web, you help around the DApp, you go out of your way to promote the project. You end up burning 6-7 hours a day on this project. 1.25

Formula: Incentive formula (in $KROM) on weekly basis:

Incentive ($KROM) = Time_Tier_Factor X Contribution_Tier_Factor X 7000

Rules: Protocol kick started on 17th November 2021 (Wednesday), which means that Wednesday is the weekly cutoff date. The incentive only applies for core contributors.

Every core contributor needs to claim his incentive (reward) on a weekly basis, ideally on Wednesday for the previous week (Wednesday to Tuesday). Every claim will be evaluated by Ops in the next following days after Wednesday and either approved or disputed.

If approved, payouts will happen on the next payout day. Payouts will happen twice a month, at the beginning of the month and somewhere in the middle of the month. We will bundle payout to reduce cost fees.

Payouts will be done from DAO kromfund multisig wallet, triggered by Signers. If some contributor has used some personal funds for the project they will also be compensated for those funds when the payouts happen. For now, this is mostly the case where someone has to payout out of pocket one-time services. One time marketing pushed, one time logo design etc. These expenses can not always be done in KROM but compensations will be done in KROM.

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