Here you will find all relevant information about the Kromatika Finance team.
Our team of core developers is fully doxxed. You can consult their LinkedIn profiles via Github:
Developer team Aristokrates - Electrical engineer involved heavily in software engineering and experience in Fintech. Currently immersed in the crypto space, building cutting edge DeFi projects. Lead Dev and Co-founder of Kromatika.
Carevski - Software developer for over 10 years with an emphasis on distributed systems. After working on multiple blockchain projects, he is proud to be building his own project now. Co-founder of Kromatika.
McFred - Full stack software developer. Bachelor in computer science and engineering. Great Web3, DeFi & NFT enthusiast. Handles the dev aspect of the project alongside lead developer Aristokrates.
Marketing & Community Managers
  • Crypto Insider - French Business Analyst from the finance environment. Handles the entire Project Management of Kromatika and is the liaise between the Devs/Founders and the rest of the team.
  • Kacar - Electrical engineer based in Switzerland. A crypto enthusiast who has been a part of the Kromatika team from day one. Handles Business Development for Kromatika.
  • Dannyo - Crypto enthusiast for over 10 years now. Involved in DeFi and project-growth for further crypto-adoption. An integral part of the marketing team and community manager at Kromatika.
  • Shirogaku - Belgian engineering student and Kromatika blog content writer.
  • RichCulture - Personal trainer and crypto connoisseur. Enjoys proof-reading and marketing. Handles social networking and community manager at Kromatika.
  • Frtlitl1z - Financial business consultant that fell into the rabbit hole of DeFi and NFT's. Helps with creation of Pitch Deck, videos and certain visuals.
  • Presto - Independent print and web designer for over 10 years. Studied visual arts. Got special skills in Adobe Creative Suite, Wordpress CMS, HTML, CSS, Figma and Blender. Handles the visuals behind major company announcements.
  • Layn - Entrepreneur specialised in marketing for over 10 years, fell in love with crypto in 2017. Now Crypto Marketing Consultant and Crypto Influencer.
  • JB - has been in crypto for years now. He bought an expresso coffee for 0,005 bitcoin in 2015 (and never regretted it). Now he's crunching on-chain data to provide Kromatika team with insights on the Dapp users, usage and adoption.
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