Kromatika DAO Manifesto

Here you can find our Kromatika DAO Manifesto that was voted for by the community.

From the start, Kromatika has been a project led according to the best abilities of its core contributors. However, over time, there is more demand from its community members to steer the project together along with the core contributors. Therefore, it is only logical to take the next step and transition into a new governance system — the DAO governance model.

Kromatika is not a company. It does not have a board, no CEO, no team of managers. No room for bureaucrats.

Kromatika does not have private investors. No VCs, no agents, no SPVs that are pulling the strings in the background.

Kromatika does not cater to speculators. Kromatika is agnostic to price.

Kromatika does not have an official voice. There is no legal entity, there is no foundation, no copyright, no patent, no central authority to stamp announcements.

Kromatika is not owed anything from anyone. Contributors come together and work on this project voluntarily. Nobody has authority over anyone else, nobody owes Kromatika anything.

Kromatika is a collective of contributors. There is no difference between "the team" and "the community", they are one and the same.

Kromatika is for builders and collaborators. Come with ideas, come with passion, come with creativity. Actions speak louder than words. Have an idea that you believe will do good to the protocol? Make suggestions boldly via Kromatika channels.

Kromatika is governed by $KROM. Holding $KROM entitles you to vote for real, practical changes that improve Kromatika.

Kromatika can evolve. How Kromatika began, and what Kromatika is today, may not be what it is tomorrow-- what you do after reading this may change Kromatika forever. It is up to you.

It all starts by joining the DAO / governance. Become a delegate, participate in the DAO tasks, make suggestions.

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