Here you can find basic tutorials for using Kromatika with the different networks on which it exists

Ethereum Network

How do I buy $KROM using Metamask and import it to my wallet?
How to buy KROM using MetaMask, and import it on your Wallet.
How do I buy $KROM on Uniswap V3?
Uniswap Interface

Optimism network

How do I connect to the Optimism network?
How to connect to Optimistic Ethereum
How do I buy $KROM on Optimism?
Uniswap Interface

Arbitrum ONE network

How do I add Arbitrum ONE network to my Metamask wallet?
Guide to Arbitrum and setting up Metamask for Arbitrum
How do I buy $KROM on Arbitrum ONE network?
How to buy KROM using Arbitrum
How do I bridge my funds to Arbitrum ONE network?
Arbitrum Bridge