Kromatika DAO Guilds

Here you can find out more about the different guilds within Kromatika DAO

There are 5 DAO guilds in the Kromatika DAO

  1. Growth: The Growth Guild presents different tasks mostly aimed at growing different channels of the KromatikaDAO, and increasing the reach and impact of all Kromatika activities. It is responsible to explore different growth/engagement tactics and campaigns to increase the size of the Kromatika community

  2. Copy-writing: The Copy-writing Guild is in charge of translating into words, all news, updates and developments happening in the Kromatika ecosystem. The KromatikaDAO Copywriters are a group of Web3 enthusiasts, interested in all things DeFi, DEX and DAO, bringing the protocol's awareness to the rest of the Web3 space.

  3. Engineering: The Engineering Guild aims to decentralize the development pipeline for the Kromatika protocol. Projects and tasks listed within the engineering guild will directly contribute to the core product and how users interact with it. Domains such as back-end, front-end, QA, etc fall under the engineering guild responsibilities.

  4. Ops: The Ops Guild oversees all the guilds, coordinates with their members, on boards new KromatikaDAO members, and proposes transactions to the signers guild originating from DAO decisions.

  5. Signers: The Signers Guild is a special guild that executes the decisions from the DAO guilds and DAO gov proposals. Signers have discrete powers defined by the KromatikaDAO members. Signers guild members are multisigners of the DAO kromfund.eth.

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