How to use FELO

FELO (Fees Earning Limit Orders) is currently available on ETH L1, Arbitrum, Optimism & Polygon.

What is FELO?

FELO (Fees Earning Limit Orders) are limit orders that are run on top of Uniswap v3 technology. There is no other DEX in the space that offers this feature. Kromatika users v3 concentrated liquidity and Chainlink keepers to achieve this.

User receives 100% of his actual value + earns LP fees on top of that, which makes it at least 101% return on his trade, sometimes even more. Some user's received up to 9%!!

Want a deeper understand on FELO?

Step 1: Connect your wallet to dApp.

Step 2: Choose the chain you want to trade on.

Step 3: Deposit $KROM into the dApp.

Step 4: Make sure to interact in the Limit / FELO section.

Step 5: Select the token you want to buy (sell).

Step 6: Select the target price for the other token of the pair.

Step 7: If the setup is ok click "create FELO".

Step 8: If the overview is fine for you click "confirm" to sign the transaction.

You have created your first FELO! Good job!

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