Proposal Submission Guide

Here you can find our step by step guide to submit .

Governance step by step

1. Create a new proposal on discord gov-discussions using the [KCP] Template

2. The community discusses and gives feedback on the submitted proposal for a week(7 days). The feedback and discussion take place on discord gov-discussions.

3. a) After feedback has been given and the proposal updated (if needed), the delegates signal that the proposal is ready to go to snapshot voting and they are willing to support it. This signaling can be done simply by each delegate posting a text message that they approve the proposal. This signaling phase is often known as the “temperature check” phase and lasts for a week.

Example of delegate’ approval message: I am a Kromatikan delegate with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.

b) For a proposal to go through to snapshot voting, it should pass the delegate voting as follows: At least 3 delegates, each with a minimum of 50000 $KROM voting power need to sign in agreement of the proposal on Discord. (Voting power = KROM held by an individual + KROM delegated to the individual if the said individual is a delegate.)

c) To become a delegate join discord gov-delegates. If you choose to assign your voting power to a delegate that aligns with your views click assign-power. If you are a $KROM holder and don’t want to delegate your voting power to anyone, you can either participate in governance yourself or contribute by snapshot voting on proposals that pass the “temperature check” phase.

4. If the proposal is approved, it moves to the next phase as follows: An official proposal will be created on Snapshot whereby the community votes. The voting period lasts for a week (7 days).

5. If the proposal gets approved by the community through snapshot voting, the approved proposal will be added as a task on dework.

6. Now, the proposal has officially turned into a task that must be executed. The progress of this task will be transparent and viewable by the community on dework.

Please note that the Kromatika DAO governance is an ever evolving process.

Be a part of this evolution. Submit proposals, become a delegate and vote.

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