Uniswap V3

Overview about Uniswap V3 trading process and a problem statement

Uniswap introduced an innovative trading mechanism with the release of their V3. Uniswap V2 lacked the ability to handle liquidity management. With V3 came the ability to manage liquidity.

This innovation allows users to select provisions over liquidity fees (0.05%, 0.3%, 1%) and a price range (consisting of minimum and maximum price targets) at which they wish to provide liquidity, also known as concentrated liquidity. These innovations bring with them two new issues:

  • The user has to manually collect and withdraw earnings from the Uniswap V3 Dapp

  • More importantly, the user must wait until after market price surpasses the target price

The Kromatika dapp offers a solution to both these issues.

For more details, read our Medium article:

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